Public lecture: #Galileo Galilei’s times and the birth of #science

  • link between art and science in the Renaissance
  • how Galileo used a new invention (telescope) for his discoveries
  • how politics and religion affect(ed) science

Come along to Flinders in the City (map)

Room 1, Level 1, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide

at 6:15-7:45pm

Public Lecture_Marcello Costa and Romano Rubichi-1

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Public Lecture: The conquest of space in the Renaissance

Tues 11 Aug 2015

Flinders in the City

Co-hosted by ARIA-SA and Dante Alighieri Society of SA

Public Lecture_Marcello Costa

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Helping children with cerebral palsy; Italian filmmakers in China

Hosted by the Flinders Law School:

 Outcomes of ARIA-SA Awards for Research Travel to Italy

Tuesday 26 May 2015; 6.00pm – 7.30pm; Flinders University, Victoria Square (Level 2) An event presented by the Association for Research between Italy and Australia (ARIA-SA) and the Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF)

DavidHobbsB.jsp novel computer game controller“Harnessing technology to improve how children with cerebral palsy use their hands”

Mr David Hobbs Lecturer/PhD Candidate | The Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) | Flinders University

David’s PhD work is the design, development and trial of an accessible gaming system that enables children with cerebral palsy who have a hand impairment to trial a new form of therapy. His presentation will focus on the system design and outcomes, and the groups he met with in Italy in September last year.

“Looking into cinematic otherness: Italian filmmakers in China and the case of Carlo Lizzani’s La muraglia cinese / Behind theGreat Wall (1957)”.

Mr Stefano Bona PhD Student | School of Humanities and Creative Arts | Flinders University

In 2014, Italy and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) signed an important film co-production agreement. What happened before that? And, more generally, how did western directors experience the film production of films in an independent China after its foundation in 1949? Italian filmmakers were among the first to have such an opportunity, with Carlo Lizzani being the first western director allowed to shoot a feature documentary in the PRC in as early as 1956. This presentation will give an in-depth account of his work, based on data collected through archival research in Italy in 2014.

Please RSVP by 19 May to

For further information, please contact:


T: (08) 8201 2861

For the flyer, click.

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New Committee, from 3 February 2015

The new Committee, as of the AGM held on 3 Feb 2015, consists of

  • President: Marinella Marmo
  • Vice-President: Antonio Dottore
  • Secretary: Rodrigo Praino
  • Treasurer: Edoardo Aromataris
  • Ordinary Members: Gianna Vorrasi; Brendan Grigg.

Thank you for their contribution to Egon Perilli and Roberta De Bei who have served on the Comittee and have stood down at the AGM.

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Forums at Carnevale Italian Festival 7-8 February, 2015

Sat 7 Feb 2015

12:30pm Luciana D’Arcangeli, Alessandro Vecchiarelli An Italian’s story: Alberto Sordi in Australia The Italian view of migration to Australia in Bello onesto emigrato Australia sposerebbe compaesana illibata (Luigi Zampa, 1971) between irony and tragedy

3:45pm Gina Graham (Dal Santo) What makes Italian cheese so special? Head Cheese Maker of the Artisan Cheese making Academy examines styles and techniques – focus on Piemonte

5:30pm Diana Glenn Dante today Celebrating the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

Sun 8 Feb 2015

3:45pm Paul Triglau Baking, Italian style – pane e pasticceria How to develop the flavours

5:30pm Kate Rhodes, Pat D’Onofrio, Francesco Virgara Growing fresh veggies is good for your family Why and how to do it – everything you need to know;;

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Winners: ARIA-SA/IBF Research Travel Support Award to Italy

  •   Mr Stefano Bona (PhD student, School of Humanities and Creative Arts, Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law, Flinders University), research topic: “Representation of China on Italian screens after 1949: Cultural, Economic and Ideological Implications”. He will go to Milan and Venice in June 2014, where he will present papers at conferences (European Network for Cinema and Media studies and the International Conference on Academic Disciplines), as well as to Crema, Ferrara, Rome to visit groups and film archives for gathering material for his research and explore collaborations. More about the research of Mr Stefano Bona.
  • Mr David Hobbs (PhD student, Medical Device Research Institute, School of Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Flinders University), research topic: “Development of a novel system to improve the sense of touch in the hands of children with cerebral palsy”. This research, done together with the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Campus, North Adelaide had a patent filed recently and has attracted interest from a research group at the Dept. of Developmental Neuroscience, Univ. of Pisa. Mr. Hobbs has been invited to go to Pisa to present his work and explore possible collaborations. More about the research of Mr David Hobbs.

This Award is possible through the generosity of the Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF) in Adelaide and funds within ARIA-SA, Adelaide. The awardees will give a talk about their research/experience to an upcoming ARIA-SA event in 2014.

Purpose of the award: to attract students and postgrad fellows to pursue research that involves interaction with Italian universities and research institutions. The aim is to foster further research collaboration between Italy and Australia. The Financial support (up to $750) may be provided for travel (economy return airfare, other travel expenses), conference registration fee and/or accommodation.

Congratulations again to the winners!


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Forums at Italian Carnevale, Adelaide Showground, on Saturday-Sunday 8-9 February 2014

Forums: informative, fun, even tasty – and FREE, with entrance to Carnevale. Location: Adelaide Showground, on the Hamilton Blvd lawns, under a comfortable marquee. 

Saturday 8. February 2014:

  • 1.00pm: “Spaghetti Westerns: Trent’anni di colt e maccheroni”, Dr. Luciana D’Arcangeli & Alessandro Vecchiarelli expertly present thirty years of Italian westerns Hollywood style.
  • 3.00pm: “Spark of Genius”, Prof. Marcello Costa, Discover the rivalry and everlasting impact of two Italian pioneers in electricity – Volta and Galvani
  • 5-30pm: “A tour of Italian cheeses”, Gina Graham (Dal Santo), Head Cheese Maker, will talk us through – and give a taste of – beautiful cheeses from across Italy

Sunday 9. February 2014:

  • 2.30pm: “Regional breads of Italy”, Paolo Triglau, TAFESA, will show how to prepare the breads and will give us some tastings from his award winning skills
  • 5.30pm: “The art and science of growing your own food“, Francesco Virgara of Virgara’s Gardens, found at farmers markets at Wayville, Victor Harbor, Willunga; Kate Punshon, recently on the ABC TV Gardening Show (her recipes for preserving artichokes, garlic, etc); Dr. Tina Bianco-Miotto, on the importance of diet (“It’s all about what mum and grandma ate!”); Dr. Carolyn Schultz, on edible Australian native plants, as well as food and nutrition in general.
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Research Travelling support scholarship to Italy, for Flinders University postdocs and postgraduate fellows

Award provided by ARIA-SA and the Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF), Adelaide.

Purpose: Open to Flinders University postdocs and postgrad fellows, the aim is to attract those with an outstanding track record of academic achievement and research potential to pursue research that involves interaction with Italian universities and research institutions. The aim is to foster further research collaboration between Italy and Australia. The Financial support: The contribution of up to $750 may be provided for travel (economy return airfare, other travel expenses), conference registration fee and/or accommodation.

Closing dates for the Recipient of Application: For travel commencing during the period 1 March 2014-30 September 2014, closing date: 21 February 2014.

Download details and application form: if you are enrolled in Flinders University, Faculty of Science and Engineering click here; for Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law click here.


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An evening with the stars (Anno Verdiano)

Tuesday 1 October 2013, 6.30-7.00pm

ISCA Club, 3 Sydenham Rd, Norwood, SA, Australia

To celebrate the “Anno Verdiano”, the Italian Cultural Association, Dante Alighieri Society, John Davis Music, ARIA-SA, and The Italian Chamber of Commerce, present “An Evening with the Starts”, of State’s Opera of South Australia forthcoming production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “La forza del destino” (12-19 October 2013). Chaired by Elizabeth Silsbury, Introduction by Antonio Comin, with contribution from performers and production team. Light refreshments provided. For RSVP:

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ARIA-SA Annual General Meeting, Thursday 19 Sept 2013

ARIA-SA Annual General Meeting, Thursday 19 Sept 2013, at 6:30pm. We have secured a private room at the Pink Pig Wine Bar, 50 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, Adelaide, SA. All members are invited to participate.

The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be:
i. to confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting; and
ii. to receive from the committee reports upon the transactions of the association during the last preceding financial year; and
iii. to elect officers of the association and the ordinary members of the committee;

Dinner: At the Pink Pig Wine Bar, on Thurs 19 Sept at 7:30pm – All welcome, for a convivial meal to discuss interests related to ARIA or life in general. For Dinner RSVP (by 17 Sept). Secretary’s contact:

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